Med Truck + 2 Men

(suitable for 1-2 bedroom houses)

Mon-Thur | $165p/h

Fri – Sat | $185p/h

Sun | $235p/h

Lge Truck + 2 Men

(suitable for 3-5 bedroom houses)

Mon – Thur | $195p/h

Fri – Sat | $235p/h

Sun | $285p/h


1 x packer | $60p/h

Purchase of Boxes

Small Box

465mm x 360mm x 300mm$5.20ea

Large Box

465mm x 360mm x 600mm -$6.50ea

Wrapping Paper

$20 per bundle

Heavy Lift Items

Items that are considered heavy lift items are:

Heavy (pool table/piano)

-$250 per item

Oversized furniture lifts & limited or confined spaces lifting

-$150 per item

*Confined spaces are considered small spaces in which the furniture or objects narrowly fit and require professional techniques and skills to move without damage to item or location. Confined spaces can include, but are not limited to stairways, walkways or areas that are considered high risk.

Other Fees

Dump Fees – at cost

Tolls – at cost