Terms & Conditions

Conditions and Guarantee

This guarantee is given by Time To Move Removals (ABN 64 789 494 984)

Time To Move Removals offers a No Damage Guarantee on our work. The conditions of trade are that we guarantee to repair any damage caused by our employees to your items, goods or property subject to the following conditions:

Damaged Items

Time To Move Removals will only repair item(s) that were damaged from our employees in the removal process i.e packing or removal of items. We take no responsibility for the customer or their representatives workmanship.

Pre-Packed Items

Items that are not packed or moved by Time to Move Removals are not claimable under this guarantee.


We allow you to participate with your move, however if you choose to participate, Time To Move is not responsible for any harm or damage caused to you or your possessions.

Present Onsite During the Move

Customers must be on site for the entire move to be eligible for guarantee. If at anytime you or your representatives are not present on site during the course of the move, then the conditions of the guarantee are void.

Intentions to claim

Your concerns must be made direct to our employees on the day the move. You are responsible to ensure that you have signed the paperwork provided to you at the time of the move indicating your level of satisfaction. If you do not sign the paperwork then conditions of the guarantee are void.

Exemptions from this guarantee

The following are not eligible under the guarantee:

Potential Risk

We reserve the right to refuse any job that poses a risk or workplace health and safety issues to our employees. Risk assessments will be carried out prior to each move for the safety of our employees and potential items to be moved.

For example if an item(s) poses potential risk or damage to its surroundings or the item(s) itself, maybe because of it’s fragile, faulty appearance or unreasonable dimensions or weight, Time To Move removals will not cover any damages caused by moving it. These item(s) will be documented so that the customer agrees to any possible risks or damage involved with moving. These items can include but are not limited to the following; pot plants, glass, fish tanks, oversized furniture with limited access points.

Some items carry unavoidable risks no matter how they are moved or transported.

Unknown damage

Where damage has occurred that was not known to us, either to items or property.

Electrical goods

Internal damages of the electrical goods or devices where we have made no external damage.

Flammable items

Flammable items will not be carried by our employees or transported in our trucks. Examples of flammable item(s): equipment with fuel, fuel cans, spray cans – combustible materials etc.


Time To Move Removals will provide the customer with a reasonable quote based on the information given by the customer. We strive to provide the most accurate quote, however some other factors out of our control can alter the quote such as: access to the property, traffic, settlement times and other items not mentioned or included in original quote.


All cancellations are to be made one (1) business day prior to move. If cancellations are received late and employees have left the depot, a minimum of 1 hour will be charged to the customer to cover costs of employees and call out expenses.


Payment is due upon completion of the move or services provided at the rate you were quoted.

We accept cash or bank deposit.

In the event that payment cannot be made, Time To Move Removals will involve the assistance of the proper authorities to recover the costs owed and any additional expenses acquired in the recovery process will also be passed onto the customer.

Repair Damage

We will repair items to the condition prior to damage, and will be organised by Time To Move Removals. We will not be responsible for any additional loss of value or any other loss as a result to the repairs or damages.

If the items pertain to a set or a collection etc, we will only responsible for the repair the item that was damaged regardless of value to the set or collection etc.

Payment for Damages

Negotiations can be made to compensate you for your loss of damaged goods to the value of its condition prior to damage. Where the value cannot be determined or agreed, assistance from a Third Party maybe required.